My Le Mans hero – Julian Simon!

There were many epic performances over the Le Mans weekend, but even the winners and the awesome Rossi podium will find it hard to compete with the dedication of Blusens Avintia rider Julian Simon.

The former 125cc champion crashed on the final corner, just like Bradly Smith, but PUSHED his bike over the line, surely a mean feat for someone so slight!

The downside is that the strange MotoGP starts of De Puniet, Hayden and Spies are being attributed to him dropping something on the track that went unnoticed (more the marshals problem than his surely?)

Anyway here’s the video!



  1. Julián Simón truly showed strength of character and determination! It can’t be easy to run across the finish line while pushing a heavy bike. He’s definitely someone to watch out for.

    1. I agree, been a fan of Simon ever since he miscounted his laps in Barcelona 2009, had the strength of personality to realise his mistake and finish then too (of course that turned out to be just an interesting opener to the great Rossi/Lorenzo battle – best race day out I’ve had!)

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