Hayden’s awesome Laguna Seca helmet

PIC: Nicky Hayden’s 'Easy Rider' US MotoGP helmet

Nicky Hayden is running a special ‘Easy Hayden’ Easy Rider themed helmet for the weekends racing at the Mazda Raceway.

The Laguna Seca special design features a cartoon Nicky on a chopper and the front painted with Hayden’s face emulating an open style helmet.

Edit : Hayden also used this helmet for the next grand prix also held in the USA at the Brickyard. You may have caught a glimpse of it before Haydens big Indianapolis qualifying crash resulting in his arm fracture and concussion,the latter  preventing him from racing. Hope to see Nicky back in Brno!

Update: Now for sale! For more information, click here:


Image from Nicky Hayden’s official Twitter feed @NickyHayden69.



  1. Love this post. Nicky’s helmets are always awesome. I am a Vale girl, but I so want Nicky to do well. He has worked really hard on the Ducati and I was actually crushed when I heard he may not get a seat next year. He’s an understated rider and here’s to him have a great run at Laguna Seca. On a completely different note, I am going to miss Ben Spies. He has had really tough this year. Though if the rumours are true, we will see him in SBK soon, so yay for that.

  2. Thanks!
    Love Rossi’s helmets and have several mini replicas on display, would get some other peoples if they made them!
    This particular helmet of Hayden’s was too cool to ignore, love how helmet artwork can give a little window into a riders personality too.
    Glad to see Nicky signing for Ducati as well (my older post covered that- I should have put the helmet picture there so it got more views lol!) I know he probably won’t win a championship for them, but don’t feel he’s done in MotopGP yet(and nice to be rewarded for your loyalty, something which left him at Honda). Same goes for Spies too, if he goes to BMW for WSBK hope he goes and wins it to remind everyone what they are missing! Spies has had a lot of bad luck this year too.
    I agree with you and hope the Americans shine at their home rounds, poor Edwards and his ‘piece of sh*t’ bike!
    Hope qualifying is interesting – practice earlier was all foggy!

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