MotoGP: Ben Spies crash caused by more bad luck – swing arm collapses

American MotoGP rider Ben Spies suffered the latest in a long line of bad luck at the Mazda Raceway during the Laguna Seca Grand Prix when a ‘technical issue’ caused his swing arm to collapse, resulting in him crashing out of the race dramatically from fourth.

The Texan recently announced his departure from the factory Yamaha team, but is yet to reveal what his future plans are, the strongest whispers suggest a move back to World Superbikes is probable with BMW, who in turn are looking to have a greater presence in MotoGP in the future.

Spies’ tumble, in which he escaped injury, happened on the exit from the infamous corkscrew and the number 11 felt he was lucky not to have been hurt:

“We had a technical failure in the swingarm…all of a sudden, when I got to the bottom of the Corkscrew, the bike went out from underneath me. I had no control, it didn’t even slide or anything. I didn’t know what happened at first, I thought I had hit a huge bump but there isn’t one there. It’s nobody’s fault, just more bad luck.

I was lucky it didn’t happen at turn one. If it had happened there or going up to the Corkscrew, I could have been seriously hurt. I’m not mad at Yamaha about it. There’s no room for that in this type of racing with this much money in the bikes, something like that shouldn’t happen. I’m lucky that, being caught up in the bike like that, I didn’t catch a hand in the wheel or the chain”.

One Yamaha fan benefited from his poor fortunes as ‘Elbowz’ chose to throw his helmet into the crowd after his accident, as shown in this video from, hopefully he’s thrown the bad luck away with it:


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