MotoGP: Laguna Seca – Rossi gets a lift from Hayden !


Laguna Seca saw some very fast crashes in the race, a feature of the race weekend, one of which ended Valentino Rossi’s chance of a top ten finish. As Stoner celebrated a hard won victory on a soft tyre gamble, with Lorenzo and Pedrosa a distant second and third and the rest of the pack even further behind, Rossi’s team mate and sixth place finisher on the Ducati Desmosedeici, Nicky Hayden came to his aid and gave him a lift home!

The American can be seen wearing his special ‘Easy Hayden’ helmet in his home Grand Prix, for a detailed image check out my previous post:…eca-helmet-5-2/

Picture taken by me via coverage by BBC sport.



  1. I love this pic. Could I use it on my blog? And, I did stay up (boy! was it tough), and just as the race began, there was a power shutdown in the area where I live. Unbelievable! I am trying to, now, figure out the reruns. Though a friend did give me running commentary (he was up too) over the phone. But unbelievable!!!

  2. Hi! Glad you like it and of course you may, thanks for being polite enough to ask! 🙂

    Can’t believe you had a power cut! I thought the BBC coverage here was a bit poor as Laguna doesn’t fit their timetables so instead of half hour build up you get 2 minutes, but after hearing you had to make do with a phone commentary I’m not gonna complain!

    I guess at least you didn’t miss too much, wasn’t a ‘classic’ Laguna Seca, riders were too spread out for there to be much action, which sadly meant spending more time wondering if someone would fall off (aargh not Rossi!) than enjoying an epic series of overtakes.

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