MotoGP: Japanese manga – revisited !

After the AirAsia 2012 Japanese Grand Prix poster was unveiled and racing fans around the world had drooled at the awesome manga art they were using to promote the race, one question popped into the concious of the masses – where was Ben Spies?

Was the poster predicting his departure? Is he not popular in Japan? Are his Elbowz really tricky and technical to draw?

Apparently not as both Ben Spies and his fellow A.W.O.L. poster buddy Stefan Bradl have a starring role on this dvd cover for the Japanese volume 5 press pack:

(Image originally posted to Twitter via @fujiran. Image property of the original artist, and Dorna.)

Being a huge Japanese culture and Manga fan I thought it would be great to share some more MotoGP manga art!

In case you missed it here’s the Japan grand prix poster that caused all the original interest:


… and the link to the original again:



  1. It’s more effective to put the ‘big’ MotoGP stars on the poster instead of the other. That’s how it goes. It would’ve been great if Ben Spies and Stefan Bradl were on it though,,,

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment!
      The big stars certainly do have more of a pull, but Spies was supposed to be a huge deal and had the second Yamaha seat at the time and Crutchlow made it on ahead of him ( he looks fun to draw though!) – sums up Spies season pretty effectively!
      And who knew Stoner was so popular in Japan, he’s the main poster star!

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