MotoGP: Racing gets smarter – Karel Abraham completes his law Degree!

After completing his home Grand Prix, Czech rider Karel Abraham went on to complete his law degree just days later. The Cardion AB rider has been studying for his degree in Law at the Jost Academy while racing in MotoGP, he would have had a lot of extra time to put into his studies given he has had a season filled with injury at the Cardion team, which is part funded by his father, also a part owner of the Brno circuit.

Abraham, who finished 9th at the Czech grand prix revealed in a press release from his team the level of dedication necessary to get a degree in a field where education generally takes second place to pushing natural sporting talent:

“For me, the race weekend has only just finished. I was studying every day – even during the Grand Prix itself. Paradoxically, I think it helped me get rid of some of the stress associated with the race, because I had something completely different to worry about. Now I’m glad to have them both behind me, and that they both worked out OK,”

“As far as I know, Roberto Rolfo from Moto2 studied literature at uni in Turin, but although most of the lads from MotoGP have got what it takes to study at that level, they’ve decided to invest all their time into their racing careers”.

Abraham also stated he plans to continue with his education and take a Masters degree course next.

Pictures owned by via Karel Abraham’s Twitter @KarelAbraham4


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