Valencia – the makeover edtion !

New Tarmac and run off areas at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit, Valencia.

The social media and official website of the Valencia Circuit, which hosts the final round of the championship for all classes at Cheste, Spain, showed off their new track work via online media today, posting pictures of the newly laid Tarmac and run off areas around the Ricardo Tormo Circuit. The track which holds a host of motorsport events throughout the year, including Formula 1, decided to go ahead with the renovations after Dorna’s CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta confirmed a Valencia GP until 2016. The Government has now chosen to invest more than a million euros to improve the condition of the track.

Local council official  for tourism, culture and sport, Lola Johnson added that the resurfacing and remodeling work will “guarantee security and performance at the Circuit of Valencia Ricardo Tormo “and “will increase the performance of the track and reduce maintenance costs” . Ezpeleta commented that the Valencia track had ” made ​​a great effort to put a new surface that is great and new areas of security as requested by the safety commission.”

Riders present for the launch included Moto2’s Nico Terol, Elena Rosell, Hector Faubel and Adrian Martin.

The first event on the new surface will be GT Endurance Championship later this month while MotoGP arrives at the circuit on the 11 November.

For more information see twitter: where the picture is shared from and can be found, or the official site:


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