Moto3: Danny Webb joins WWC for 2013

British rider Danny Webb will once again be on the Moto3 grid for 2013 after signing for the World Wide Communication team after two seasons riding for Indian Team Mahindra,it will be the Kent mans seventh season in the Junior class. His new team currently race in Moto3 under a different name…

for the full lowdown and an already busy comments section click here for my full article:
After Webb’s 10th in the championship in 2010 it will be interesting to see if he can emulate or even improve upon that with machinery which isn’t lagging behind. It will also be interesting to see how Mahindra will do without Webb and Schrotter who both proved to be great development riders for the team, especially as they had little to compare to being the only team still running an Oral engine. Mahindra will be looking for improvements after signing with Suter for engines next season, it would also be a great opportunity for them to promote an Indian rider into the team.


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