MotoGP: Capirossi helps plan your 2013 holidays by releasing provisional calendar early!

Loris Capirossi is no doubt getting his wrists slapped after getting a bit trigger happy with the ‘post to twitter’ button, releasing the MotoGP provisional 2013 calendar early on Thursday. The list itself is pretty much as expected with the interesting points being Silverstone, who still had June 14-16 down as their race weekend on their official webpage this morning, moving to 1st September, Jerez being accompanied by ‘STC’ – Subject To Contract (though, interestingly, they have just officially inked a deal with WSBK) and the second and third races being TBC, around the time where the now dropped Estoril usually places in the calendar, and presumably for Texas and Argentina, though India and Moscow are also in the rumour mill if negotiations turn sour at any of the non-confirmed events. Despite the Portuguese round in Estoril being dropped, one of my favourite race tracks to visit as the trip from Lisbon out to Estoril is simple, beautiful and easy by public transport, Spain retains four Grand Prix, as has been the case since Aragon stepped in for the debacle of organisation that was Hungary, when the Balatonring was announced but never built – twice. The USA count if Circuit of the Americas confirms will rise to three as both Laguna Seca and Indianapolis have signed new contracts.

Here is Loris Capirossi’s now infamous Twitter picture, and with a full list of MotoGP dates you can start penciling in those holiday dates now!


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