MotoGP: Nicky Hayden’s horror crash – is circuit safety good enough?


Nicky Hayden is one of my favourite riders, he always comes across as such an amiable person, so I would not be posting this video if any harm had come to him. By the nature that this crash is hard to watch as it LOOKS so bad I hope it serves as a note to Dorna/Aragon that more airfencing around the Motorland circuit as a precaution wouldn’t be a bad thing, whether the circuit and organizers feel to blame or not. Yes, it was a rare misjudgement by former world champion Hayden, but how can you possibly guess where a freak accident may occur? I’d like to think Simoncelli’s passing wouldn’t be in vain if safety was improved all over tracks, rather than just at accident hotspots (let’s not forget it Aragon’s case it is pretty much built around a massive brick wall to start with).

I was happy to be surprised/amazed at the news Nicky Hayden walked away from this more or less unharmed, especially as of late seemingly smaller offs have lead to many a broken bone.

Here’s hoping Hayden has a swift recovery from the injuries he was already carrying and will be fit and ready to race in Japan.


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