MotoGP: Aspar stick with Espargaro and DePuniet for 2013

De Puniet in action in Le Mans (photo by Laurent Cartalade via Flickr, used under creative commons license)

Aspar have announced that they have retained both Aleix Espargaro and Randy De Puniet. A good move for all as the Aspar riders have pretty much duelled it out all season for the title of top CRT bike, and have been the only team to get near the satellite MotoGP machines on a regular basis.

Espargaro has said earlier in the season that he wishes to stay in MotoGP until his younger brother Pol is established in the class, continuing the time and help that he has already invested into Espargaro junior’s career, and this deal helps him achieve that, while De Puniet seems to have been negotiating hard and via his own blog released a statement confirming his stay with the Power Electronics Aspar team and discussing adjustments to his contract with some soon to be announced ‘good surprises’. See De Puniet’s blog entry here:

Mr. Aspar himself Jorge Martinez had the following to say:

“We are delighted to be able to confirm both Aleix Espargaró and Randy De Puniet for next season. Aleix started the season a little behind Randy but with the right system and a lot of hard work he is now at an outstanding level, both in terms of the technical aspect and his riding. He has improved a lot and we are all very happy with that. All I am asking him is to keep going like this because I think he has the potential to continue developing and growing in the future. Randy is having a very strong season. Thanks also to him the POWER ELECTRONICS Aspar Team is the reference point in the new concept of MotoGP. Randy has proven his expertise at MotoGP level and every other category he has raced in and I am very happy to continue with such a solid project. I hope that with these two riders in place the POWER ELECTRONICS Aspar Team can continue to move forward.”

Between them the Aspar riders have been the lead CRT 11 times out of 14 races, De Puniet bringing the ART home ‘first’ five times and Espargaro six, both riders have been top ten finishers more than once this season.


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