MotoGP news roundup: David Salom out and Ivan Silva back in at Avintia Blusens/Pasini out Rolfo in at Speed Master

Pasini – Out

It’s that time in the season where the final puzzle pieces for who’s going where in all classes of MotoGP start being pushed together, so here’s a round up of all the moves and temporary rides announced since the Aragon GP (MotoGP edition).

Welcome to MotoGP -home of the crazy signings!

After just two races (surely the shortest MotoGP career ever? Even Yuki Takahashi managed seven appearances!) David Salom finds himself high and dry after being ousted from the Avintia Blusens MotoGP Team. Salom, who came in to replace Ivan Silva, is replaced by, erm, Ivan Silva, despite his performance being deemed below par he remained contracted to the team as a test rider and is  therefore still on the payroll so presumably to BQR (but possibly nobody else) was the obvious choice to step back in, while the team claim they will be using the closing races as testing of sorts.

Salom cannot attempt a return to the World Superbike championship at Magny Cours this weekend with Kawasaki Pedercini as he has been replaced by ex-Moto2 rider Claudio Corti, who was sacked by the Italtrans team, see more information on that move here:

The Avintia Blusesns team also recently announced that Hector Barbera will be joining the team for 2013 on a two year deal.

In other crazy GP signings it has been announced that Mattia Pasini’s time at Speed Master is over and he will be replaced from Japan by…Roby Rolfo!

Pasini’s loss of a ride is financial, despite selling his cars, bikes and garage he is now no longer cash king, and Speed Master, not being the sort of team to let loyalty get in the way have moved onto Rolfo, who presumably now promising the team big bucks. Those of you who were following the silly season last time around will remember that Ant West was originally due to take the Speed Master seat until Pasini showed up promising more finance than Westy could offer.

To be fair to the team there were rumours that their cash flow was so poor that they would pull out after Misano and sell their bike to Forward acing as Edwards was unhappy with the one he has, so without rider money, it appears they cannot race, this then starts a cycle with only one true outcome – more riders will be hired by their bank balances and sponsor packages  than by raw talent.

Pasini used social network Twitter (@MattiaPasini ) to vent his anger:

29 podiums, 10 wins, 12 pole positions! Sold to race: my car, my motocross bikes and my garage!!! Now I’m left on th outside because people people do deals with the riders money who do this for passion and then you see a colleague that steals your place!!! No comment!!! They should allow only serious people in this world, not vultures! I’m so disappointed!!! My only mistakes was to trust unserious people!”

Photo by Laurent Cartadale via Flickr and used under the creative commons license.


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