MotoGP: New blog review – Colin Edwards for Bridgestone.

Number five is STILL alive – he’s just on a CRT !
(image via Flickr from wordman1’s photostream and used under creative commons licence.)

Many MotoGP riders write blogs for their teams or sponsors and some are more entertaining than others. Now former two time World Superbike champion and  MotoGP star Colin Edwards has his first attempt for Bridgestone sent out into the great wide web and his personality shines through.

Edwards tone reflects his personality, just today he made me chuckle at the t.v when the BBC did a build up piece on what parts of other riders or abilities they would like to take if given the chance and while everyone else chose to mention lean angles and starting prowess Edwards, ever the joker, said he would like some of Rossi’s world championships as he has plenty. Not forgetting he is the reason why Rossi is labelled the GOAT as Edwards coined the amusing name (short for Greatest Of All Time for the uninitiated!).

He takes a similarly lighthearted look at what has been happening in his life, both on and off track, since the American rounds of the championship, including a humorous account of what happens when Lorenzo meets a scorpion at the Texas Tornado Boot Camp and why he has taken up golf again.

He even manages to stay funny when discussing his NGM Forward Racing package, which he has often slated in the media after poor results, and discusses in some detail where he and the team may have gone wrong and without getting too pushy or political states the case for making rule changes to CRT which would enable closer and more exciting races.

Well worth a read here is a link to the funniest man in MotoGP’s first effort ‘Texas Tales’:



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