Moto3: Mack is back! Vinales rides for Blusens after apology

Blusens Avintia’s offer for Maverick Vinales to return to race with the Team in Australia was quickly taken up by the teenager who will be attempting to secure the runner-up spot in the Moto3 championship as the season draws to a close in Phillip Island and then Valencia, see more on those events here:

Paco Sanchez, a rider adviser, has been brought in to mediate between the two parties and points out that Vinales should never have been allowed to walk away as this caused the biggest problem:

“A seventeen-year-old, who was ill-advised or misguided, who wants to be World Champion can make bad decisions. In Malaysia, with all the problems there were, on that day, mentally, for reasons I will not mention, it would not have been right to get on the bike. He could not get on the bike. The error was not that he didn’t get on the bike – the mistake was leaving.”

Personal opinion has been divided between youthful exuberance, naivety and attitude and a need for professionalism at any age, a point Vinales saw retrospectively when he chose to take the team up on their offer to return for the benefit of the sponsors, promoters and fans, while the youngster made an honest apology explaining his state of mind at the time stating that he didn’t think it wise to ride at all while so angry.

Not all the media were negative about his leaving with riders Aleix Espargaro and David Salom being supportive via Twitter, Espargaro spoke of the manager being the bigger issue, and went on to mention the many who had been in the same situation, but who were less rash in the circumstances.

“I had the same manager as mack(Vinales nickname), and I spend the same, so you … But it ended badly for me, Elias, Pablo Nieto, Pol, Simon … ALL! Anyway … ”

Salom had an interesting take posting on his @davidsalomds account:
“Not because there is so much hype with @maverickmack25, when teams throw the drivers (which are many) not such a fuss.”

His view that teams often leave riders out in the cold with little or no notice with no-one really raising an eyebrow came from a different perspective than most without agreeing or condoning the Spanish youngsters actions, while raising an interesting point.

BBC reporter Matt Roberts thought the Vinales incident was a good reason to contemplate a “official riders’ representative body” to look out for racers interests and stop massive breakdowns in communication going so far in the future.

Vinales made his original apology here to

“I made a mistake, because although I was not mentally prepared to ride the bike, I should not have left the Sepang circuit, or make such statements. And so, I apologize for the harm that has been accidentally caused, to all the fans, to the members of my Blusens Avintia team, to FTR, Honda, the championship promoters, and especially the sponsors of team (Blusens, Avintia, Repsol, Pacha and other partner companies) and personal sponsors (Alpinestars, Airoh, Wild Wolf, J. Costa etc.) that have both supported us, and without which I would not have achieved the successes to date.”

“I return with the aim to finish the season and regain second place in the overall standings, and for that, I will focus solely on sporting issues and work with my technicians to find the best set-up of the bike.”

“Finally, I want to express my strong desire to amicably resolve all the problems with the team, and to be able to concentrate on riding, which is what I really like.”


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