Nicky Hayden’s ‘Nicky-4’ Arai helmet due for launch

More noted this season for launching into the gravel and off the Ducati with it’s owner Nicky Hayden the replica of the ‘Kentucky Kid’s regular 2012 helmet is due to be available to the general public imminently.

Nicky Hayden Arai Helmet 2012

Nicky Hayden Replica – Arai corsair V ‘Nicky-4’ 2012 helmet
Image via @NickyHayden via Twitter

The ‘Nicky-4’ Like  features a matte finish on a Arai Corsair V helmet and comes with the option of a dark tinted visor. The graphics are by Hayden’s usual designer Starline. Keep an eye on for an exact November release date or if you are more a more adventurous Hayden fan(and it’s still in stock) you could opt for the ‘Easy Rider’ style ‘Easy Hayden’ design used at the U.S. rounds in 2012, due for an official February release. See more here:

and here:


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