Valentino Rossi back on a Yamaha in the wet

It’s an image many had been looking forward to, Valentino Rossi back on a Yamaha!

The multiple world champion has not yet had a chance to show the world the return to form his fans around the globe had been waiting and hoping for – the image (from, who have detailed coverage of the tests) shows Rossi during his run in the wet in Valencia, after which the Yamaha team elected to move on to Aragon – where the rain followed them.

‘The Doctor’ is yet to reveal much on his time at Ducati as he is not allowed to do so by contract – MotoGP contracts run until the end of the year, not season, and it is a part of the conditions involved in being allowed to test for Yamaha alongside Jorge Lorenzo who’s highlight at the Valencia test was being pictured eating an apple on the pit wall, followed by a crash in the wet at Aragon.

Valentino Rossi Test Yamaha Valencia

Valentino on his Yamaha test bike at Valencia



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