MotoGP image of 2012 – Valentino Rossi WANTING the Ducati

All motorsport seasons have their defining moments and images and while 2012 wasn’t a classic year for MotoGP it still produced some excellent individual moments and races.

Below is the image I will associate with the 2012 season long after it’s gone as it is an image that had interest on more than one level. Rossi taking on the marshals to get his bike back after others had argued and lost was fairly iconic in it’s own right, but impose on that that he was just biding his time before heading back to Yamaha and his reality was more likely to involve wanting to be rid of his Ducati and the picture is less about determination and more a humorous look at his time in red. It could well be the only time Rossi actually wanted that bike all season!

Image by Gigi Soldano  via Twitter at @GigiSoldano where you can find a photogallry link to the rest of his work:

Valentino Rossi Ducati

Valentino Rossi wants his Ducati back!


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