MotoGP: Lukas Pesek needs more funds despite MotoGP contract!

Lukas Pesek

Pesek in action back in 2007
Photo by teliko82 via Flickr and used under creative commons license.

One of the final pieces of the 2013 MotoGP puzzle centered on who would take the final seat on the grid at IodaRacing on their CRT bike, with Roberto Rolfo and former MotoGP race winner Chris Vermeulen both in the frame before Lukas Pesek was announced by the team just before Christmas. It appears that his contract is not as simple as all that as he needs to raise more capital to actually make the grid, having become a part of the growing number of riders very publicly paying to ride.

An interview with local Czech motorsport press at revealed that he still needs more money to keep his team happy quoting Pesek saying “I still do not have it all, but we’re working on it.”

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