MotoGP: Ducati after Rossi

It looked like it was to be a marriage made in heaven, the Italian factory and their homegrown Italian multiple championship winner Valentino Rossi. It quickly went sour, so sour that Rossi spent most of last season looking like he was sucking on lemons and aching to be somewhere else instead of his usually sunny confident self.

So while the inevitable parting of ways has occurred and Rossi is back in more comfortable surroundings at Yamaha counting down the days until he can prove he still has ‘it’, Ducati found the most valuable thing Rossi gave them from his time there was not an all conquering anyone-can-ride-it-now Ducati, but a look at just what his marketability was capable of.

Presumably this explains the promo shots on the Pramac site, home to former Yamaha man Ben Spies and more interestingly Italian  Moto2 crazy man – a rider so crazy he upgraded his nickname from ‘Crazy Joe’ to ‘Maniac Joe’- Andrea Iannone.

In the shot below, from Iannone is shown in an outfit not dissimilar to a fellow Italian who until recently raced in the factory team…

maniac joe crazy joe iannone rossi style leathers pramac test bike

“I will emulate Rossi by struggling to podium for Ducati”

It is worth remembering that Iannone has always shared a fondness for luminous yellow with Rossi, and he has never been known to shy away from a loud livery, none having more volume than his moving film advert for ‘Step Up 3D’ which was used at the San Marino round in 2012, as Iannone is such a flamboyant rider and risk taker here’s hoping that the red is luckier for hm than it was for Rossi and will be nearer the front come the checkered flag.



  1. It will be interesting to see two teams – both running factory bikes (if I am not wrong) – perform this season. I am dying to see Vale back on the podium (where he belongs!!!), but I am also hoping Ben Spies and Nicky Hayden have a better season! 2013 promises to be a fun season!

    1. Yep factory bikes all around!
      I too hope the Americans have a better time of it, poor Spies couldn’t catch a break all season (not helped by your team not really wanting you either!), Edwards deserves better than that CRT so hopefully it will at least be a bit less useless this season, and well everyone likes Hayden, don’t they? He’s not had a great time of it since winning in 2006 so here’s hoping!!
      Hoping Rossi can repeat his skill of being great from the off like when he moved there from Honda….*crosses fingers for a podium in Qatar*

      Completely off topic, but what’s your thoughts on the India WSBK round hitting trouble? Or do you have a blog on it to look forward to?

      1. I agree!!! Fingers crossed for our American mates 😀 Nicky deserves a break. He is a good rider. I am curious to see how the Honda pairing works out – Dani has finally come into his own and Marc Marquez is one determined, agressive racer. Though, personally it will Vale through and through for me!!!
        I am interested to see PBM perform in MotoGP. They have done a phenomenal job at BSB. Let’s see.
        I am planning to blog about the whole WSBK India deal. But it’s a story we have seen before when F1 was coming in, in 2011. The whole customs deal is so ridiculous!!!

      2. I really hope Rossi does well, surely though those who can’t class themselves as huge fans should also be wanting him to do well for everything he brings to the sport as a package – entertainment, competition, sponsors, coverage, fans – he is so important!

        The Honda pairing will be very interesting but so will the Honda PAINTING, apparently they are going for something a little different, last time they did that it looked like a child had won a competition!!!

        I hope Hayden does well every year, but more than ever since I named my son after him – a good performance means more merchandise- so my little boy gets stuff that looks custom made with ‘Hayden’ written all over!

        Can’t knock PBM’s excellent BSB effort but their MotoGP effort is looking a little worrying again already. Still think Ellison was underrated and used as a scapegoat for a lot of their issues in 2012 and already Laverty can’t use the ART CRT until the second test, so we shall see!

        Will look forward to a blog from you on the India WSBK news, hope it gets resolved as it is only a day different to their rules, will be interesting to see if they go all the way as the did for F1 and make it exempt – surely the revenue would be a good boost to the local economy and worth it?!

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