MotoGP: Rossi Reunited with Yamaha in pictures!

Rossi recreates his iconic Welkom pose to kick off the press for a new era at Yamaha.

The Yamaha 2013 season press machine hit a new peak today with Yamaha releasing a series of images and video available at  to tease the upcoming rivalry between team mates Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi.

The promo shots feature both riders though the new livery is not on show yet, and the star of the set is undoubtedly Rossi recreating his Welkom celebration in front of the Yamaha :

Official: Valentino Rossi reunited with Yamaha (Welkom)

Rossi and Yamaha Reunited: Welkom style

There is a whole gallery to enjoy at the Yamaha website, they also added a video, link here:



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