Paddock Chatter guest blog on the ‘leg dangle’

Paddock Chatter are a fairly young but very awesome source on motorsport related news, with a smattering of opinion and article led content thrown in for good measure. The website was created by motorcycle fans for motorcycle fans and have a huge presence on twitter, where they initially started out, the highlight of which is their ‘Twinterview’ where they fire a few questions at a well known rider (Shane Byrne, Eugene Laverty, Gino Rea and James Toseland included) over the social media platform.

They were also nice enough to let me write a guest blog for them!

It’s called ‘The leg dangle – An analysis’ and you can read it here:

Would be lovely if you could show it and, of course, Paddock Chatter some love with some comments or tweets!

(In case you haven’t guessed it’s about the Rossi originated leg waving and how it has taken off as a MotoGP tactic!)


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