MotoGP: AGV announce new ‘Corsa Winter’ Rossi helmet for sale!

AGV announce limited edition run of Valentino Rossi’s helmet from his November Yamaha test – priced £599 and available from April.

Available soon! New Rossi test helmet from AGV
image via

As their own (no doubt profitable) celebration of Rossi’s return to Yamaha AGV are releasing a limited edition helmet for retail based on his test helmet from when he had access to the 2012 championship winning bike from the November test in Valencia.

Here’s a reminder of how the test went:

In the grey/black testing colours and the bright, flourescent yellow associated with ‘The Doctor ‘ the Pista GP helmet features his ever-present sun and moon graphic and also has a symbol on the back for the Japanese word “kando”, usually used to show intense emotion and excitement.

The word was first used by Masao Furusawa when Valentino arrived at Yamaha in 2004 and the version seen on the helmet was designed by Masao’s wife.

Image via

The photos show the actual helmet worn by Rossi during the tests at Valencia in 2012. The sponsor logos, components and visor accessories are not included on the limited edition model.

You can reserve one now by ordering from your nearest Team AGV dealer. The link to do and more images of the helmet can be found on AGV’s webpage here:

Valentino Rossi Test Yamaha Valencia

That new helmet in action at Valencia



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