First Look: 2013 Nicky Hayden helmet design revealed

Part of the excitement for a new season of racing is all the ‘reveals’ bikes, riders…and helmets.

Having always been a fan of the canvas that protects the head there have been some notably excellent helmet designs over the years, Nicky Haydens ‘Easy Hayden’ being a particular favourite. See it here:

Starline Graphics founder Roberto Marchionni has released the first images of Nicky Haydens 2013 regular helmet design via his official twitter feed @robertomarchion  :

Nicky Hayden Arai Helmet 2013

The part of his helmet Hayden will be hoping his rivals see the most of this season…

Nicky Hayden Arai Helmet 2013

Side view of the Starline design…

The back design is particularly stand-out – bold in monochrome nicely complimenting the main red of the rest of the helmet while showing of Haydens many ’69’ logos.

Check out Marchionni’s Twitter feed for more images of the helmets he’s been working on including a small preview of Lorenzo’s new lid!


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