Maverick Vinales new helmet art revealed!

A new season of racing means plenty of new ‘reveals’ bikes, riders…and helmets.

Moto3 frontrunner Maverick Vinales quickly became a rider to watch, being both an exciting rider and talented. He added controversial to that list when he walked out on his team before the end of last season, read more on that here:

He has used an interesting graphic since he arrived on the scene, here is the image used on his Merchandise in 2012:

Maverick Vinales 2012

Vinales ‘boar’ logo for2012

Starline Graphics founder Roberto Marchionni has released the first images of Vinales new helmet which features the boar design again in 2013  (via his official twitter feed @robertomarchion ) :

Not a bore but a boar – Vinales 2013 helmet design revealed!

The fun design sees the boar glaring face forward from the back of the helmet, Vinales will be hoping his rivals are all behind him to see the little fella give them a good snarl!

Don’t forget for more you can check out Marchionni’s Twitter feed for more images of the helmets he’s been working on including the Nicky Hayden helmet featured in mu previous post and also a small preview of Lorenzo’s new lid!


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