Moto2: Gino needs you! Rea loses funding and place on 2013 grid

Gino Rea Federal Oil Gresini

Gino Rea in action at the 2012 Silverstone Grand Prix
Image via Flickr by JaredEarle used under creative commons license rules

Talented Brit Gino Rea has found himself without a ride for 2013 on the eve of the new season.

After reaching the podium last season in the wet at Sepang aboard the Fedaral Oil Gresini, Rea looked to be set to move to the new ESGP squad after testing with FTR, the British based team who were due to supply the chassis late last year.

According to Rea’s official Twitter account he needs to raise 150,000 euros to be able to ride, with no wage in that for himself, to plug the teams budget shortfall, while his personal sponsor Crimea pulled out their funding too when the situation started to look less than certain for 2013.

Rea told :

“Unfortunately the team failed to secure enough budget to complete the 2013 season and we lost our sponsor Crimea GP. It went downhill from there and now they’ve pulled the plug and I’m left with no ride.

“If I can find a sponsor or raise some funds we could continue but it’s getting very late. If I were to find a ride in World Supersport or World Superbike I would have to miss the first race because it starts so soon and the bikes are in the crates on the way to Australia. If anyone can help me you can email me at”

Rea also announced he was looking to start a sponsorship page to raise the necessary funds, a breakdown of which means that if just his Twitter followers alone were to contribute he would need just £7 from each of them.

Keep an eye on what Gino does next via Twitter here.

UPDATE: You can now help sponsor Gino Rea by visiting his sponsorship page here:



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