Image of the GP: Jerez – Lorenzo and Marquez

To take nothing away from the amazing ride by Dani Pedrosa and the awesome move he used to take the lead I’m fairly sure the moment that will be the hot topic until the paddock reconvenes in Le Mans in two weeks is illustrated in this image:

Lorenzo and Marquez jerez

Jorge Lorenzo greets Marc Marquez with a shake of the finger -as seen on t.v.

The picture is from the television coverage of parc ferme after the Spanish Grand Prix and illustrates Lorenzo’s view on Marquez’s move for second, which was hard enough to break his own fairing, and although Lorenzo has pretty much refused to be drawn to comment on the matter gives a good indication as to what he really thinks.

Marquez’s post race interviews made it clear that he thought he was only doing what was necessary to take position and race direction decided to take no further action as no-one crashed out (though they chose to speak with Moto3 rider Livio Loi for hitting John McPhee after Techer’s crash on his racing debut).

Who was right, Lorenzo or Marquez?

Would Lorenzo have been less bothered if he hadn’t been passed in his very own corner?

Did race direction do the right thing by not even speaking with the rookie?

Where is the point in a penalty points system if it is not used?

Did race direction show favoritism by speaking with Loi and not serial offender Marquez?

Will the King of Spain need to intervene as he did to get Lorenzo talking to Pedrosa?

Was everyone thinking of Rossi/Gibernau after?

In many ways this race posed more questions on how the season panned out than it answered, but it leaves a season to look forward to and something to talk about until then!


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