Lorenzo V Olive – the internet never forgets!

After the many comparisons between Sunday’s most talked about Jerez MotoGP moment and that of Rossi/Gibernau another was to come via YouTube – featuring Lorenzo himself!

The old 1997 footage of Lorenzo not exactly putting the cleanest move on Jean Olive at what is now Lorenzo Corner has come back to haunt the Spanish World Champion, looks like the internet doesn’t forget if you chose to say ‘it wasn’t very correct, but this is racing” only to not accept the same from a young rider years later.

Lorenzo, who has also missed a race and been handed a disqualification  for a move he used on De Angelis back in 2005, has come a long way since then and morphed into a controlled rider who looks to the long game to secure world titles as much as he races. Maybe for now Marquez, despite all his previous form in Moto2 can be allowed the time to mature and know when a pass can be too hard (though it does make for a much more exciting race when you have someone a little unpredictable, so maybe everyone else can race a little harder and meet in the middle!)

Video below, so you can judge for yourself:


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