Image of the GP: when Rossi’s dream ended in a ‘racing incident’

There was really only one image to go for and unfortunately it came early in the race –  the moment Valentino Rossi’s dream Mugello comeback was ended by contact from Alvaro Bautista.

Willing to be partially to blame after finding himself further down the field than expected after a poor start from clutch issues, Rossi also stated it was entirely possible Bautista hadn’t seen him, which happened to be the Spaniards take on things.

Race Direction concluded it was a racing incident and released the following statement:

“Regarding the incident between Valentino Rossi (ITA) and Alvaro Bautista (ESP) in the MotoGP race of Mugello on 2 June. The Race Direction has reviewed the incident and held a hearing with both riders where all available evidence was reviewed. Based on this evidence the Race Direction decision is that it was a racing incident and no further action will be taken.”

Bautista Rossi Racing Incident

Rossi and Bautista’s Racing Incident in Mugello


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