MotoGP: Didn’t you crash in Mugello? Bautista drives a train!

Considering he collided with Valentino Rossi in Mugello he’s maybe not your first choice for driving a train, nevertheless this is exactly what Gresini rider Alvaro Bautista found himself doing ahead of this weekends Catalunya Grand Prix.

Bautista the train driver

Alvaro Bautista getting to grips with the trains controls – hopefully!
Image via Bautista – @19Bautista on Twitter

Seemingly very happy to be given a tour of the drivers cab, the Spaniard took the Renfe train from his home in Talavera to Madrid ahead of this weekends race action, where hopefully his race will last a bit longer than it did in Italy after his much talked about racing incident with fan favourite Valentino Rossi, here’s a picture recap:

Bautista Rossi Racing Incident

Rossi and Bautista’s racing incident, via


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