MotoGP: Lorenzo’s special Catalunya helmet to be auctioned for charity

Jorge Lorenzo ran a special helmet for Sunday’s Catalunya Grand Prix, which is to be auctioned for charity, with a graffiti theme, designed by Anna Vives, a young woman with Downs Syndrome. Vives is fairly well known in Spain for breaking down the barriers associated with her disability and trying to achieve more with the abilities she has.

Lorenzo expanded this in his own words, stating: “The girl who designed my helmet, Anna Vives, is famous in Spain; she is a symbol that people with Down syndrome are capable of a lot more than some people think. I think it was very original and colourful so I was very proud and happy to have her on the podium to share the win with me.ā€

You can bid on the helmet at ebay until the 27th June by following this link :

Image of the helmet below:

lorenzo barca helmet

Lorenzo shows off his special graffiti helmet design for the Catalunya Grand Prix 2013
Image via @MonsterEnergy via Twitter


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