MotoGP: Nicky Hayden shows us his Laguna Seca helmet for 2013!

Though he may be on his way out at Ducati Nicky Hayden is still currently the biggest American draw to the MotoGP championship and he still loves to celebrate  his ‘home’ race at Laguna Seca (where he has won twice – 2005 & 2006) with a fancy new lid.

The Kentucky Kid is also adept at keeping his fans updated using social media so shared his new helmet image on his Twitter account @NickyHayden:

hayden Laguna 2013 laguna starline

Hayden shows off his Starling Graphics by @robertomarchion
Imagedhared via @NickyHayden and @NickSannen on Twitter

The theme is set up by camouflage 69 decals for the Ducati and continues in to the army-themed helmet design. Hayden has once again gone for an open-face style, similar to on the ‘Easy Rider/ Easy Hayden’ helmet he debuted last year. The back  has a little army hayden character with ‘Born To Ride’ written on his helmet, flowers coming from his gun, a peace logo on top of the lis and bullets around the edge.

You could say working at Ducati’s been as epic as ‘war and peace’! (probably mainly war – rider vs bike,mostly!)



    1. That’s an awesome list of riders there!
      I think you’d have to have a hard heart not to wish Nicky Hayden well, he seems like such a nice guy, and very professional (maybe a little too much, teams seem to take advantage of his good nature eventually) I’d love to just see him on a competitive bike, he was so entertaining to watch back in his Honda days!

      And he knows a great helmet design when he sees one too!
      Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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