MotoGP: Rossi And Marquez, learn from the master you will!

Some things are too funny to ignore, especially when all the Photoshop legwork has already been done for you.

So, further to my Image Of The GP featuring Honda rookie Marc Marquez and winner of many championships Valentino Rossi, here is a way funnier take on the Marquez learning curve, featuring Star Wars.

Rossi Marquez Star Wars

Rossi in Yoda mode while Marc makes a great Luke!
Originally published to Reddit, made by mikeeh76 and stangmx13 of, idea by Reddit users PoofBam and SuperMike. Star Wars by George Lucas (obviously).




Hope it makes you all laugh as much as me, it was right up my street in terms of interest marrying two things I’m a big fan of – after all my boy has his first name as Hayden (as in MotoGP’s Nicky) but his middle name is Han (as in Solo!).


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