MotoGP: The Valentino Rossi fanclub increases

A lot of the younger riders who arrive in MotoGP share their appreciation for multiple world champion Valentino Rossi, even those who don’t speak of watching him race or being a fan (or super-fan, hello video studying Marc Marquez!) have perfected that leg dangle The Doctor is so famous for, in a very flattering manner.

Though fairly new to twitter, Dani Pedrosa is already treating us to content worth a further look, including this old photo of his from the Catalunya race weekend of 1999.

From his pre-world championship days – he started his 125cc career in 2001- it shows Dani Pedrosa meeting with the then 250cc riding Rossi (he won the race that weekend in Montmelo and went on to win his 250cc title that year) in a yellow t-shirt.

Tweeting the Italian, Pedrosa reminisced ” @ValeYellow46 Do you remember Montmelo GP ’99? Check the boy on the left with yellow t-shirt… #GoodMemories”

Here’s the picture:

Montmelo 1999

How they used to be – Pedrosa meets Rossi at the Catalunya race in 1999…but wait! who’s that in the blue top…
Image shared via Dani Pedrosa’s official Twitter account at @26_DaniPedrosa

Undeniably Pedrosa. He’s not really gushed about Rossi before so a little unexpected but an excellent photo and piece of MotoGP past. However, looking a little longer reveals he isn’t the only future MotoGP star meeting a future MotoGP legend that day.

The ten year old boy in blue directly to Rossi’s right grows up to be CRT ruler Aleix Espargaro, his career was even further away than Pedrosa’s at this point, he joined the 125cc class in 2004.

A gem of a photo. Just in case he has any more up his sleeve @26_DaniPedrosa on Twitter could be worth a look!



    1. Thanks, I thought it immediately deserved to get as wider a viewership as possible, so thought I’d give it my little bit of publicity!

      Agreed, this is EXACTLY what makes any kind of social interaction on the internet worthwhile, something really great, a little known gem, and Pedrosa’s new to this tweeting lark so goodness knows what else he may have to tell us all about!

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