MotoGP: Rossi’s Turtle Tartaruga Mugello 2013 helmet due in December

Back at the Mugello MotoGP race, before Valentino Rossi crashed out he was frantically waving around his most recent special helmet design for his home GP in Mugello, one of his best of recent years.

As expected after proving to be a popular design – despite the unpopular result for his fans – AGV have made a customer limited Corsa edition of the helmet which is due for release in early December, priced at £649.99 in the UK.

Rossi Mugello 2013

Rossi shows us his turtle themed helmet – available soon! Image for editorial use only under fair use act

From his toy ninja turtle as a child (which he fixed to his helmet in his mini moto days) to the one in the same style seen tattooed on his hip or the decal on his helmet visor the Italian has developed a long association and love for the turtle,  so it seemed likely that one day it may feature as the main design for one of Rossi’s helmets.

The design he chose for the Italian Grand Prix turtle helmet featured a cartoon turtle with two huge manga styled eyes. It was as always designed by long time collaborator Aldo Drudi.

The limited edition Tartaruga Mugello 2013 also features all the usual graphics on Valentino’s race helmet (except for sponsor logos and visor components and accessories) and has Rossi’s number 46 on the back as well as his two trusty bulldogs Cesare and Cecilia who  also wear turtle shells to keep in with the theme.

Here’s the technical bit:

The Corsa combines the performance of the Pista GP with road-going characteristics such as adjustable ventilation and improved comfort without having to forgo the performance standards of the GP version.

Fitted with a Double D retention system, the outer shell is made SSL layers (aramid and glass fibres) and is available in 4 sizes.

The design is intended to cut to the minimum any interference with the racing suit and protective hump and to optimise safety even at high speed.

The spoiler has been designed to detach from the helmet in the event of an accident to increase the passive safety of the helmet

The visor can easily be removed as can the washable inner components.

For further information and more images of the helmet ahead of it’s release visit the AGV website here, which also includes a link at the top of the page to contact your nearest dealer for those interested in purchasing.



  1. This helmet is really special and very funny!
    BTW, Do You know any interview with Aldo Drudi? In my opinion he’s a great artist, so such an interview would be very interesting 🙂

  2. Hi Piotr, I remembered you asking about it, so thought you may be interested! 🙂

    There are not many sources for Aldo Drudi interviews on the web, but I have a great MCN Special Edition called “Rossi – Celebrating the greatest” which includes a brief interview…

    “Valentino came to see me at work. he was very interested in everything and, even then, knew every riders helmet design…Unlike most riders I’ve worked with, Valentino has a very clear idea of what he wants. We exchange our ideas, and it’s always very interesting. He’s the only rider with whom I have shared a real collaboration, because he has a real personality – something he gets from his father. I remember Graziano, 20 years ago, walking chickens on a lead in the streets of Peraso to make fun of the bourgeois people parading with their dogs.”

    He also speaks of how he and Rossi have used their graphics to diffuse tense situations(Qatar 2004):

    “He was mad with rage after his fall and the Honda protest. He didn’t want Jerry Burgess to feel responsible for what had happened. So we decided to make him a t-shirt with the logo of a cleaning company called Rapida.”

    Not much, but it’s a start for you!
    Thanks for reading.

      1. Makes me smile too, can’t wait to spot one on the move in London (guessing there will be a few turtles flying around soon!)

        Thanks for the link too, was great to read a longer interview by Aldo Drudi, I love his helmet artwork, a bit more insightful and in depth because of the length too.

        All the best,

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