MotoGP: Iannone’s Indianapolis helmet!

presuming everyone has now had a look at the luminous green excellence of the Lorenzo special (if not it’s here) here’s a look at a lesser spotted special lid – the Iannone Indianapolis helmet!

Iannone Indy helmet 2013

Iannone shares his 2013 Indy artwork with us!
Image via Andrea Iannone on Instagram

AGV recently ran a competition to design the helmet for this American round and after working with his usual artist this is the winning design incorporated in though i remember the winner having a cartoon style Iannone on it, which you can’t see here…

I had a go, but alas was not the winner (boo!)

design main

Not winning, but you never know unless you try, my entry with Iannone and bricks- it had a strip of bricks and stars and stripes on the side views!
Image via me at my PC.

In related Iannone helmet news, the Pramac riders Wild Rodeo helmet is to be made available for purchase by AGV! More details on AGV’s website here. It will be a Corsa model and cost £649.99 in the U.K.




    1. Agreed, that star logo is far too common, would like to see the back to see if they incorporated the winning cartoon design there, there were some great design entries so it’s a shame it looked so boring in all the shots I saw of it!

      Looking at the AGV Facebook page it appears to be because they changed it a LOT! (now seems to be back of Iannone on a bike!):

      Thought Rispoli’s helmet looked great, shame it was hidden away off camera in Moto2!

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