MotoGP: Hayden’s ‘Born To Ride’ helmet to be a special edition

Due to popular demand (because it looks good) Nicky Hayden took charge of his own press and announced on Twitter that his ‘Born To Ride’ army/camo helmet from the Laguna Seca and Indianapolis rounds will be released as a customer special edition.

Posting at @NickyHayden the American wrote:

“Good news for fans that been asking bout the camo helmet. Arai will be releasing a limited edition”.

No further details yet, but I will update as and when they become available. In the meantime here are some images of the helmets excellent artwork by Starline graphics, including of the open helmet idea originally used on the ‘Easy Hayden’ lid from last season…

Coming soon to an Arai dealer near you….
Image 1 by Arai HElmets uk via Facebook
Image 2 By @NickyHayden via Twitter

camo hayden 1


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