Image of the GP: A very British recovery!

Ah, the Brits, famed for our stiff upper lip, queuing and getting on with ‘it’, whatever it may be at the time.

Take Cal Crutchlow. He’s not very good at queuing (not round a MotoGP track anyway, far better at overtaking, maybe he saves his manners for the supermarket…) but he excels at getting on with it.

‘It’ today was qualifying. His starting point was this:

crutchlow battered tech3

Oops, anyone claim the smashed Tech3 parked near the track?…
Image via, editorial use only, under fair use act

Fair to say that that bike was a bit broken. Trouble was it was his second bike. As is the nature of the fabled Silverstone curse this was not his first crash of the weekend. He also did a great Tarzan impression while dealing with a wasp stuck in his leathers.

The stiff upper lip, can-do approach prevailed and despite some pain and a hybrid rebuilt thing of a bike expertly spliced together by his awesome mechanics a bit of determination saw Crutchlow qualify third on the front row.


As he put it himself via the medium of tweet: “What you don’t want to do on a Saturday at Silverstone is crash at 293kph. Then do again over handle bars 30mins later …”



    1. Thanks, sometimes I think a picture can say a lot and when I saw that bike fly I thought that was it, so count me as impressed!

      Have high hopes he’ll do something spectacular tomorrow after his excellent performance against the odds last year, Marquez while stunning could make it a bore-fest if he clears off into the distance!

      1. I was horrified when I saw the video. Those were two very nasty crashes. But Cal is Cal. He can b so doggedly determined. My fingers are tightly crossed. I know he will be phenomenal. I agree about Marquez. So far, we are still fascinated by his talent, so it’s not too much of a bore-fest, but iif we aren’t careful, it can turn into one pretty quickly.

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