Image of the GP – Silverstone: Lorenzo’s jubilance is very catchy! (plus bonus celebration haircut!)

Okay so the title’s a little long but I was at the track so I will allow myself the luxury to indulge in some brackets!

Lorenzo’s win was EPIC, he loves Silverstone and when he says it he sounds like he genuinely means it and he’s not just reeling the words off for good press.

When Marquez crashed in the morning, picking up a dislocation, it made for hope for a good race, Lorenzo and Pedrosa both still carry collarbone injuries, so there would be no getting away at the front, as those amazing qualifying time suggested.

Though Marquez still gave everything, you could feel Lorenzo had the bit between his teeth, the final nudge proving he can be as rough and pushy as the rookie when needed. Pedrosa on the other hand looked sad. Tearful. like a man who has seen the title vanish from his grasp yet again, thought his time being the bridesmaid may also leave him eventually unemployed at Honda, you only get so many chances even as a race winner to deliver.

All that lead to this:

Lorenzo brit win

I think he may be happy…Lorenzo gets excited in Britain
Image via Yamaha Racing, editorial use only.

Lorenzo’s excitement was captivating and involving and this picture is a great illustration of that, I also love how though they are just adjusting their hats it looks as if they are scratching their heads a little, it takes a lot to win these days in MotoGP!

This was not the first time Lorenzo had celebrated like this at Silverstone, as the official programme proved by including a picture of last years podium:

lorenzo 2012 guide

More of the same from Lorenzo!
Image via Silverstone official programme

Other than the need to replace Marquez with Stoner and Pedrosa threatening a smile, not to much is different!

ย Finally, and almost in need of it’s own post was Lorenzo’s celebration – a haircut!

lorenzo haircut

Do you want to remind him how badly Hayden did or how severely Rossi got injured while sporting a mohawk…never mind too late! Good luck Jorge!
Image via Lorenzo on twitter.



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