Recommended reading: Why viewers are so important to motorsport

This week the blog posts I have read here on WordPress and thoroughly enjoyed have both been discussing the important part us, as viewers play – or should play – in the broader motorsport picture. After all if there was no-one to watch them they wouldn’t be worth the millions as an industry they are now!


More of this? More money please! Motorsport, viewers and money is the hot topic this week!
Image by Image Nation Photography (Ben Henderson) via Flickr and used under the creative commons agreement

Over at AmerF1can an excellent Q&A with James Allen then analysed by the writer JohnPierre Rivera looks at F1 in America. As a UK writer i found it interesting to see sport viewership mirrored, F1 is considered ‘niche’ while our beloved football is free. ( For those outside the UK, here this was, and for the most part still is, reversed.

F1 is part free-to-air at our flagship broadcaster BBC, though these days there have to share the content with pay TV Satellite company Sky. Premiership football is now split across two pay services Sky and BT Sport.

There is much more to the post than this though it also deals with how long it has been since a successful U.S. driver made a mark on the championship ( which I thought drew interesting comparisons with MotoGP, somewhere where Americans have had more recent success, but still not readily watched ) what F1 can do to raise appeal and the impact of NASCAR and the American obsession with it’s oval racing.

Great stuff. Read more here:

Also on WordPress this week and a great compliment to the above over at the F1 Broadcasting blog they dared to ask Dorna if they planned to show any highlights packages on mainstream UK t.v. after the main programming strand was acquired by BT Sport “free if you have BT Broadband” but not very free at all for most, with BT also announcing price hikes for their phone and broadband customers this week.

The reply (or lack of) to a simple question, not even a complaint is very telling and a great subject for a post.

Interesting again, more on this here:

The general consensus is money, money, money. they like making it, we have to spend it to watch, yet we have very little say in the content we are provided.

In terms of MotoGP perhaps Dorna are making a case to cut out the middleman and take the content direct from them, then again BT Sport may cost a bit, but their content and interest in promoting British talent looks promising.

Maybe it’s our fault for getting too complacent and moaning about the BBC coverage while forgetting it was free for all? Maybe they should not have presumed their bid to provide the t.v. coverage would be the winning one?

Read, enjoy and discuss! Personally I would be interested to find out what motorsport coverage is like in different countries!


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