Image of the GP Aragon, Part 1: Can anyone explain Alex Marquez helmet?!

It featured quite heavily in the support class build up, but I’m still not really sure what his helmet is all about, looks good though!

The good, The bad and ‘The Pistols’ apparently ( though all weekend I was expecting someone to get ‘The Ugly’ on there somehow Moto3’s full of characters!)

If anyone can enlighten me to the ‘The Pistols” bit, please post a reply! Nothing doing via his personal Twitter @alexmarquez23

Here’s the pictures:


The good, the bad…the pistols?! Sure it makes sense to him, nice graphic though!
Image via my Tellybox/ Dorna/ BBC( Editorial use only, under fair use act)

A Maq helmet view 2

A second view via Alex Marquez on Twitter, the theme is no clearer though…




    1. what im mean to say is that it is funny that Marquez has chosen the bad character to replace. as to why he has chosen pistols maybe because he is the big gun now… can’t wait for Repsol and Marquez to collect the drivers trophy this year…

    2. Got the Clint Eastwood bit, have seen the film many times, was puzzled as to why ‘The Pistols’ and not straight out for ‘The Ugly’ which is what you would expect next, was wondering if it was some slang or reference I’d forgotten or missed.

      Thanks for the reply though, much appreciated!

      1. Just seen your second comment, like the theory, maybe someone else will bring some more clues!

        Repsol and Marc Marquez may well do it this year, big Marquez junior (he’s MUCH taller than his brother) are looking good for Moto3 in 2014 for sure!

  1. Here’s the answer contained in an interview Alex gave to a French journalist: “On your headphones there is a cowboy on a motorcycle. What does this mean?
    This is because one day in North America I tried a revolver. And I found myself not bad. So they called me Mark Pistol and it stuck. This is the reason why I use this character”

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