Image of the GP, Aragon, Part 2: There goes the championship

Unlucky. Dani Pedrosa. In the MotoGP dictionary they are one in the same.

Here is the picture you were probably expecting for Image of the GP, thanks to the events impact on the championship.

The bit where Dani Pedrosa saw his championship hopes fade away, thanks to an overexposed traction control wire and a he-could-never-hit-that-again-if-he-tried-forever touch from Honda team-mate Marc Marquez.

Though video replays initially suggested no contact, Marquez has since confirmed and apologised for the touch and is currently under investigation from race direction. It had a lot more to do with crazy wire positioning for something so vital, so let’s hope the one time it’s not actually his fault that he is not penalised (unlike the many times they could have rightly, but chose not to sanction).

DanPed Maq Aragon

there goes the title hopes, into the gravel, along with your bike.
Pedrosa off in Aragon, via the MotoGP Twitter feed.(editorial use only, under fair use act.)


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