Moto3: Alex Marquez explains Good,Bad,Pistols helmet (with video)…

Except he doesn’t!

On Sunday I asked the question: Can anyone explain Alex Marquez helmet?

His wordplay on the spaghetti western ‘The Good the Bad and he Ugly’ of ‘The Good, the Bad and The Pistols’ left me with some questions.

Is his nickname ‘The Pistols? and why?

Is he a massive fan of the work of Clint Eastwood?

Do the team/his brother think he is lacking in the looks department? And is this really the best hint?

Is young Alex a massive fan of the Sex Pistols on the quiet?

T.V. coverage left me none the wiser. The helmet got a lot of coverage (click on the link at the top for some images of the lid) but this was only backed up by the commentators joking that Marc Marquez was surely lurking nearby with a ‘The Ugly’ sticker as that’s the kind of teasing-means-I-love-you relationship the brothers are said to have.

Twitter didn’t help either, which is rare.

YouTube stepped up, with a video on the official MotoGP channel called ‘Alex Marquez explains ‘Good, Bad & Pistols sticker!

‘yes!’ I thought. I watched. The interviewer gets to the crucial bit. The response?

“I Don’t Know.”

Nearly 5,000 views, so I’m not the only one curious. 5,000 people not really any the wiser. I think he’s a great little race so will presume it to be that it is that he has gained the nickname as he is like a bullet from a pistol around the track and not some crazy Spanish in-joke I still don’t get!

Seems even Alex isn’t totally sure himself!

Edit: If you follow the link at the top to the original post with the helmet pictures the conversation underneath reveals a lot more on ‘The Pistols!’. Who knew this Marquez was a sure shot!!

Video below, still quite interesting!


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