Image of the GP- qualifying edition: Bad luck for Bradl

If some people didn’t have bad luck they’d have no luck at all.

This week I am unhappy to report that phrase is just for LCR Honda rider Stefan Bradl.

In fact, the title should probably read ‘qualifying DAY edition’, as he managed this in FP3 and was with doctors during qualifying:

bradl injury sepang

Bradl puts on a brave face
Image via the man himself at Stefan Bradl’s twitter account @stefanbradl

It was such a small and if you can call a crash normal, ‘normal’ crash, but as his body moved away from the bike something seemed to catch hard on the astroturf, and THIS was the result.

Commenting directly via Twitter Bradl posted the following to accompany this picture :

“Sorry guys! Had lot of bad luck with a small crash. Fracture in the right leg! Will be back asap! Keep you update(d)”

Following up shortly after with: “We are ready for the operation here in Kuala Lumpur. 1hour I will be under the knife!”. Brave man, here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!

This poses a very interesting question though: Will Honda/LCR replace him in Australia?

Interesting because you would normally ask your test rider to stand in at short notice and Honda’s test rider is a certain Mr. C. Stoner.

Stoner was due at the track for an exhibition ride and to be made a MotoGP legend…

It’s a long shot but it would be interesting to see how he shapes up after a year out and Stoner and Marquez on the same starting grid makes for a very interesting prospect too… plus he started out at LCR…



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