Image of the GP- Phillip Island: What rules are for!

I feel for Marquez. No-one likes to see the black flag shown to them. It is demoralizing. It means there was a massive mistake made. With all the fingers pointing at YOU.

It appears his side of the garage thought they could interpret the special ‘come in on lap nine or ten’ rule differently. either that or someone can not read and/or count (-to ten!!) No-one is going to admit to that.

The rule was brought in for Safety.

This image of the GP shows why:

MM rear tyre wear PI Kim Schwaner @schwaner

Tyre destruction. This picture doing the social media rounds purports to be an unaltered picture of Marc Marquez’s rear tyre, showing EXACTLY why those forced changes to the rules were brought in at Phillip Island.
Image via Twitter and posted by Kim Schwaner at @schwaner, used for reporting under the fair use act. UPDATE: now also shared by the rider himself and available to see at @marcmarquez93

This shows why it was so crucial to have that stop. Sure the race was a farce, but from a viewers point of view, if they hadn’t done it there may have been no race at all.

Much of the blame has to sit with Bridgestone/Dunlop, new surface should mean a tyre test, surely? Though you can also point fingers at just about anyone for a part of the mess that was the Australian GP.

As for Marquez, the tyre may show why he HAD to come in, but a black flag seems pretty severe, even if decided beforehand for such a different race. there are many other ways to say ‘You didn’t comply so you can’t win!’

He probably didn’t look behind enough exiting towards a speeding Lorenzo, but if they knew he had infringed the rules and would be disqualified he shouldn’t have been there at that point anyway, they could have held him in the pits.

Logic suggests his safest action would have been to just copy Lorenzo and follow him when he pitted. The Yamaha rider needed to beat him after all so copying his tactics would have kept him where he needed to be in the championship and still left him in contention for the win.

Poor Cudlin was shown the black flag when he hadn’t done anything wrong, which shows how far into farce the race fell. It was certainly different to watch.



    1. Well worth watching if you get the chance, not seen anything that crazy in-race for a long time!

      All the fuss around this race is down to not testing tyres for new asphalt and a certain Honda riders side of the garage trying to bend, or as they like to call it, ‘interpret’, the rules to suit themselves where everyone else just followed the special safety directives put in place.

      Plus pit-stops with bikes are really funny to watch as they have to change bikes!

      Closest I could give for experience in F1 terms would be one of those crazy wet races at Spa back in the day where only about five cars would finish!

      Thanks for the comment once again John Pierre!

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