MotoGP: Marquez has special Motegi helmet design, and a poor choice of t-shirt!

Special helmet at the race where you might seal championship victory on Honda home soil = good idea.

Special t-shirt = oh so very, very bad.

Here’s the link to the offending Tweet on Twitter:

And here’s the image in question:

Marquez Motegi T

Marquez helmet and questionable T-shirt. Image via Marc Marquez on Twitter. Editorial use only, under fair use act.

The helmet is a nice rising sun edition of his usual ant design and is therefore in red and white, making for a neat design change.

The T-shirt. Oh, the T-shirt. The Tweet translated says:

“Special helmet and shirt for a special GP in Japan, at home!!! 😉 Do you like?”

Well Marc, the helmet gets a big thumbs up, your choice of top, no.

He clearly means to show his love for the home country of his employers at a race which could prove to be very special for all of them. What he actually shows is ignorance at best. Where does he get his advice from?! Sack the stylist! (Wonder if he had a champion t-shirt printed in a bulk discount job at the same time…)

UPDATE : Image is also on the back of the helmet, so may not sell so well if released as a limited edition!



  1. Hi Joey,
    Thanks for the post!
    Helmets take a while from their racing debut to come into production anyway, but given the controversy his cartoon self has caused I think it will probably not have a global release or only feature the colour scheme on top.

    I’d wait a while, if it does come out it’ll be at various retailers in whatever form it takes! (and the release will probably be blogged here too!)


  2. After being given a chance to prove yourself as genuine, I do not appreciate you posting under a pseudonym to gain trade and visitors Marcel/Joey so all further posts mentioning the Champion Helmets website will be removed as spam.

    I do not recommend this website as I am dubious not only about the helmets they have in stock, as seen in conversation in other posts, but also find their chosen business practices worrying. All past conversations will remain so this reply can be posted but no further posts will be tolerated.

    Lisa Lewis.

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