Weather warning! Typhoon warning for Motegi MotoGP!

Weather has been bad in MotoGP before, remember when Rossi won at Indy in 2008 in the leftovers of a hurricane?

With news it is going to hammer it down for Most of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend there has been much use of ‘in the land of the rising sun’ and ‘rain on my parade’ in pre-race reports.

Former World Champion Nicky Hayden has posted a picture to Twitter suggesting it may be more serious than that.

Motegi weather warning

Nicky Hayden briefly turns weatherman for us all with this update from his Twitter account @NickyHayden.
For editorial use only, under fair use act

Accompanied by Hayden’s text : “I seen a lot in racing but first time I got one of the notices” it seems IRTA have taken the unusual step of notifying everyone that it’s going to be stormy weather, REALLY stormy weather ( it was already with all the championships so delicately poised, but now there’s actual stormy weather ahead too!).

Here’s hoping Moto3 don’t blow away or get washed down pitlane, there called the lightweight class for a reason !

And that the BBC’s Matt Roberts has brought a titanium strength brolly, can’t let the best MotoGP anchor get wet! Plus he promised great outfits for the weekend!

On a more serious note, after the Australian debacle it would be nice if the weather didn’t see fit to ruin Japan too!


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