Image of the GP, Motegi: A picture of determination!

Many picture-worthy things occurred over the Japanese Grand Prix weekend at Motegi, from that helmet to the first championship being sealed in Moto2.

So I figured it was more interesting to pick an image depicting something more likely to have been missed in all the Motegi madness.

Here’s the Japanese Image of the GP, A picture of determination and dedication:

Mlav push motegi

Michael Laverty shows his dedication to the cause and uses a good old fashioned push to get the job done after running out of fuel. Image shared by Michael Laverty himself via Twitter, editorial use only.

Out of fuel? Clearly in the Laverty household that is no excuse for giving up. The PBM CRT bike was pushed over the line in 19th place, leaving Laverty as the last finisher not to be lapped.

Though not the first rider to use the technique in recent years, hello Julian Simon after his crash at Le Mans in 2012, it is unusual to see near a race end, they usually just hold on a take a lift back with a team-mate!

That kind of dedication to your team will hopefully secure something good for Michael Laverty in 2014.


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