And the award for the most crashes in MotoGP 2013 goes to…

The season is over and the first part of testing is done, so what to fill the early days off the off-season with?

First up – The Dorna Final Falls report.

The MotoGP organizers have collated all the data from Qatar to Valencia to provide an insight into a much asked question – who crashes the most in MotoGP?

No Spoliers here! The least crashy rider (Lorenzo) on the least crashy track (Qatar). what might have been with just one crash less (Assen) – quantity isn’t everything!
Image via Flickr by Fiat Yamaha Team and used under the creative commons licence.

As you would expect from such a huge grid Moto2 is the class with the most crashes, it has held that ‘honour’ every year since it was launched to replace the 250cc class in 2010.

The race weekend that was the scene of the most falls was Le Mans, registering 68 crashes over the three racing classes. Misano was a close second with 66, Putting the notion that the rain causes accidents aplenty to bed – both races were dry.

By comparison the opener in Losail, Qatar under tricky lighting conditions from being a floodlight night race has the least crashes, with just 34 to it’s name. Also scoring low was the next best – Indianapolis – and despite the riders still having safety concerns after some recent heavy crashes (which will hopefully become a thing of the past after getting their new asphalt laid!) it saw just 37 crashes over all three classes in 2013.

The corner which saw the most crashes was La Caixa (which is what my gravatar profile is represented by, the little picture in the top corner of this blog is the famous ‘La Caixa’ timing scoreboard, as taken by me at the track, though you can see the iconic symbol long before you arrive!).

Also known by the more boring ‘Turn 10’ the left hander at the Montmelo track in Barcelona saw an immense 28 crashes over the course of the 2013 Catalunya Grand Prix!

It was streets ahead of the nearest rivals both in Le Mans – turns 3 and 7 – which had 18 each.

Now the big one – the riders with the most crashes in each class (and despite his reputation there is no room for Axel Pons!)

Moto3 – Eric Granado – 19

Moto2 – Rafid Topan Sucipto – 26 (also the highest overall figure)

MotoGP – Yonny Hernandez – 20.

Eric Granado is still very young after initially joining Moto2 during the 2012 season when he had to wait to turn 16. His first year in Moto3 has clearly been a big learning curve after making the step down.

Sucipto actually tailed off his crashes in the last few races to put in some strong results, while it is also worth noting that Hernandez also crashed less when he departed the Paul Bird Motorsport team for Pramac Ducati. He gets to ride for them again next season where he could prove again to be one of Ducati’s least prolific crashers.

To complete the MotoGP top three, Marc Marquez came in second with 15, Cal Crutchlow third with 14.

At the other end of the scale, with just three crashes each were Andrea Dovizioso, Colin Edwards and; proving it’s not how often you fall but how hard that counts; Jorge Lorenzo.



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