Time to think positive – Schumacher – a sporting genius.

The news of Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident broke over the festive period. The German is currently said to be in a stable but critical condition after four nights in hospital battling against his brain injuries.

More news reports detailing the timeline of his accident can be found on the F1 dedicated WordPress blog AmerF1can, well worth a read to catch up on the facts and quotes.

The other side to Schumacher.
Promoting road safety with a group of children during global road safety week. Image via makeroadssafe via Flickr and used under the creative commons agreement.

I don’t usually cover F1. There are many people who blog about it with more knowledge and passion than I ever could. Senna was my F1 hero and Schumacher/Hill the last rivalry to truly get me shouting at the t.v..

A flurry of comments on news sites and blogs full of vitriol for the time he shoved Hill to take the title eventually lead me to my keyboard.

Schumacher is still here and still fighting like a World Champion to stay here, so it’s time for a little positive thought:

In regards to the accident not only was the committed family man enjoying quality time with his wife and son, German newspaper Bild reports he only got into trouble on the slopes after keeping a watchful eye on the younger members of the ski party and rushing to the aid of one of his friends daughters, with the paper widely quoted in the UK press as saying:

‘Suddenly the daughter of a friend crashed. Schumi helps the girl, leaving the groomed area and moves about 20 metres in the deep snow between the slopes Biche and Mauduit.’

The multiple world champion was also reported to have been wearing a helmet, which if reports of it spitting in two are later confirmed could have made all the difference.

In terms of motorsport, he was a game-changer.

He was not afraid to make enemies to win.

He took fitness to new levels.

He had a will to win to be celebrated (though celebrating his success and dominance is easier with the passing of time if you were a fan of any of the other drivers of his era!)

He has a true racers brain and knew which people and what machinery to surround himself with and develop in order to be successful and the power through winning to demand what he needed.

He broke records. He set new ones.

He provided entertainment by being the pantomime villain everyone loved to hate.

He brought in viewers, whose curiosity turned them into fans for either ‘Schumi’ or one of his many on-track rivals.

He bent the rules a bit. He won a title from the pit lane.

He won for different manufacturers when they were not necessarily at their peak.

He made F1 interesting.

Whilst an F1 driver he took determination to new levels and seemingly did not know how to lose. He was from the workmanlike mould of Lauda in many ways, a man who also had a life altering accident, albeit on-track, but had the determination to pull through and to win again.

Hopefully Schumacher has the will to do the same. Good Luck.



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