Moto3: Argentina – Bike changes at Team Calvo

Moto3 bikes whizz round at quite a pace and who knows where they’ll end up on a brand new track!

So here’s a heads-up to some livery changes over at Team Calvo, courtesy of rider Jakub Kornfeil:


Team Calvo will be looking a little different this weekend! Imageshared by Jakub Kornfeil and available in the public domain at Facebook and Twitter. Used for reporting under fair use act. For Editorial use only.

So it’s off with the white base and barcode already and – for one race only – the bike is dominated in the blue section with a local sponsor. It’s Redox Instead of Mobil on the bottom too. No looking for Calvo up the side – it’s only on the front.

The Argentina look is one I’d be happy for them to adopt, it seems more blue as the graphic is less in-your-face than lettering and is more aesthetically pleasing, a shame sometimes it’s all about the money, how good would this bike look all in blue? So many of the iconic paint jobs of yesteryear are long gone. Makes you wonder what Suzuki; a team heavily associated with blue; will look like when they return to MotoGP.


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